Oct 27, 2009

"prices are insane"

East Coast folk will remember Crazy Eddie. I only wish he (Jerry the actor) were still around to help promote my sale which has "prices that are insane".

Internet Sale here:

crazy eddie clip here:


jimmieknuckles said...

didnt eddie go away for tax evasion, and some felony assault shit?

ESfishdoc said...

Looks like he did two years....


This is a good time for an artist joke: Guy walks into a gallery for an opening and asks, "I was wondering what usually happens to prices when the artist 'passes on'". The curator says, "I feel that in the case of this artist the prices will go way up".

Later the curator calls the artist and says... I've got good news and bad news.... the good news is a guy walked in and bought all your work.. you can pick up a check for 30K.... Leaping for joy the artist asks with a puzzled tone... "what could possibly be bad news?" ..... bad news... he's your doctor. :)