Oct 19, 2009

cinemascape print sale (pledge drive)

Print Sale is now Live. I think it's funny that it corresponds with our local NPR radio station pledge drive. I might not have a 1-800 number to call, nor do I need 310,000 by saturday, and no there is no hat for your name to be put in for a special calendar or coffee mug, and lastly I do not have a co-host to beautifully describe the wonderful gift that you will receive... But I can guarantee I will be less annoying.



jimmieknuckles said...

i just moved, im pretty sure my kidneys are failing, and you pull this shit.
time to hit the piggy bank

Aaron said...

how's austin?

jimmieknuckles said...

the city,the people,the weather,all is well.
cept for the allergies and fact that i havent had over an hour of sleep in 5 days.
best move i ever made
come check out some cattlescapes