Aug 10, 2009

IPA Awards ummm...take II (part B)

So today myself and several others received another email repeating the same information that we already knew... "your entry has been accepted into Round 1 judging, etc...". I, as well as several others also received this (or some other variation):

Hello billy bob,

Congratulations. Your entry 'cowpokes and long tokes' has passed through the first of three rounds in the jurying process and is now an Official Selection of the 2009 International Photography Awards. If your entry passes through the second round, it becomes an Honorable Mention and is eligible to compete for the third and final round to determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in each subcategory. The overall cateogory finalists go on to compete for cash prizes and Lucie
statuettes at the forthcoming Lucie Awards.

If your entry advances, you will receive an email from us on Tuesday. Congratulations once more.

Very Best,
International Photography Awards

I like the idea of notifying participants along the way, but it seems like they need to work out a few kinks. I'm hoping tomorrow I get three email... the first email for a third time, the second email for a second time, and a third notice for the first time?

Keepin this blog (with it's seemingly amazing search engine results: welcome everyone) as the hub of info, continue to post any new notifications and/or notices from the IPA Awards as the quest continues. Best of luck to all.

UPDATE: received above email again 7:00am today (Tuesday).

SIDE NOTE: what in the world? are these comments the photography equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous? What with all the anonymity? Award winners Anonymous? I'll start first, My name is Aaron, and I've been clean of awards for 3 months, but I hope to get off the wagon very shortly.


Anonymous said...

I did not get the second email...The End.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
I found out they aren't sending all the notices at once. You may still get one in the next week.
the other anonymous

mirandagavin said...

Hi, a friend, who has also entered the IPA awards, pointed me to your blog as I have set up a blog for HotShoe magazine. Hot Blog is at

I have looked at your posts and it seems that the communication is confusing. I have contacted the IPA to talk to someone about the awards and to raise some of your concerns which I will post. I will link to you when I make mention of the competition today, and then follow it up when I hear back. Good likc

Aaron said...

Howdy Miranda,

I think it's more glitchy than confusing now. The first email was confusing as it didn't mention how many rounds and it sent people scrambling for info, now the second round just keeps sending multiple repeat emails.

Anonymous said...

There's an update about the glitch on the IPA website

Anonymous said...

hi, both myself and my friend who entered the IPA LUCIE 2009 contest, received these emails for every single photo we entered. I am beginning to wonder WHO didn't make it past the first round? Or did they move everyone through to the second?

Also, I am curious to the total count of entrants.

Aaron said...

check most recent post for current situation. It's been explained.

Drizzle said...

I also received the first email, As they mentioned they should inform us by yesterday (13 August). Let me know for any updates from Lucie Awards.