Aug 11, 2009

final IPA update...

The above notice (link here) was posted on their site this evening. Pretty self explanatory. More notices Thursday or Friday and of course final announcement on their site next tuesday (August something or other?).

A few minor glitches aside, I liked the new notification system from the IPA Awards. Knowing that there are 3 rounds and knowing when and where my work is in that process is nifty. All other comps you either get a "congratulations you've won!" or "I'm sorry but...". I'm sure they'll work out the kinks for next year.

Best of luck to all the other artist and the 20+ anonymous folk. Thanks for stopping by these here parts of the blog o' land the last few days.


Terra Dawn said...

That is awesome. The panic can subside until, at least, tomorrow. lol. Thanks for all of the great information, Aaron!

You have been a beacon of hope in the fog of the IPA. lol. (That was supposed to be cheesy awesomeness, btw.) Seriously, thanks for the info, though.

Joe Reifer said...

I personally favor Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing for the IPA award, although Dogfish Head 90 minute is also pretty great.

Aaron said...

no problem Terra... thanks to all those that contribute their 2¢ to this as well.

And Joe, I know what you're saying. And I'm also thinking next year I gotta be due for one of those International Paranormal Awards!