Aug 16, 2009

professional and non-professional

this was brought up in the comments a few posts back and is from the IPA Awards website...

Q: Who is considered a professional photographer?
A: Those who earn, or have earned, the majority of their income from photography.

I could really give a rat's ass who enters which class/category, but I do find this logic quite fuzzy. I would imagine more than half, if not most of the Fine Art Photographers would not consider themselves Professional by this definition above. I'm fine admitting that I do not sell enough of my prints to keep two vehicles, a house, wife, two children, etc. without some sort of additional or main income. I'm sure it's a better definition for commercial, editorial, and journalism, but not most Fine Art Photographers. I entered as professional because of where I've shown and that I have galleries on the east and west coast? Figured that was my qualification to enter that category?

like I said though, rat's ass.

I am thoroughly exhausted after my intense 3 day workshop I just finished. I will post on that soon. Great participants, a few sales for the "students" at the exhibit, and plenty of fun and fine California wine... and beer, and rum, and vodka too, I think?

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