Aug 8, 2009

IPA Round 1 Judging (Part II)

Thinking a bit more about this with a friend, we wondered what it would mean to not be accepted for Round 1 Judging? Would that mean you were cut before any round of judging? by an intern or just some random software program? What exactly came before Round 1?

Makes me wonder more about the wording they used and also they ridiculously poor grammar (as andrew pointed out).

Oh well, if anyone gets any other notices before the 18th announcement, feel free to post it here.


Anonymous said...

I did get another email and found out there are three rounds of judging. If an entry makes it past the 2nd round, it's an honorable mention and becomes eligible to compete for the third and final round to determine 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize winners in each subcategory.

Aaron said...

check most recent post for current situation. It's been explained.

Anonymous said...

with all the recent snafus and failure to announce the winners today, i feel it lessens the credibility and industry standing the lucie foundation is hoping to attain