Jul 23, 2009

Too many photographers...?!?

I've been reading a fair number of blogs lately that either have comments or posts about the chic photography culture, advent of digital cameras, yadda fucking yadda. Claiming it's dumbing down photography or some shit like that. Is it really a "photographers" fault if an art director at a magazine or a photo editor at a newspaper is clueless and just loves saturation at 110% and/or ├╝ber awesome lighting effects? Blame shouldn't be pointed at anyone, let alone classifying an entire group of people. Most of my Flickr friends could give a rats ass if they get a gallery show or get called by an agency. They do it for fun. They do it for the club-like atmosphere. That's where I started... shooting, shooting, and shooting some more. Then I shot some more. I didn't have a jillion photo views or contacts, but I had some good friends and they liked my work. I'd take that anyday over a shitload of pretentious pricks at some over hyped school any day. So many of these fucktards think that unless you have some sort of degree, super connections, or large format camera and a darkroom in your condo, you won't amount to shit and you're just cluttering the way for the great photographers. That's Hogwash (you like that one... hogwash? it's the first word that popped into my head?). How about they impress the shit out of some people with their stellar advanced degree learn-ed shit and stop whining.

So that's my pissy pants rant all in one giant paragraph with terrible structure and probably full of awful grammar and punctuation.

p.s. perhaps hugo (my 4 year old pictured above) should stop trying to photograph unless he plans on attending Yale and already has his gallery lined up?


catharine said...

Well said Aaron! Keep kicking ass with your amazing work and hilarious posts. And I mean hilarious in the best way possible.

Chris S. said...

Right on. Give'm hell.

Aaron said...

thanks catharine. I see your showing in Seattle soon? Tell Laura I said hello.

thanks chris

AdWorkshop said...

wow, little lord fuckpants is pissed...maybe a little green chartruese is in order...or a boat ride!

t j brearton said...

GAWD, i hear you, hobbs. same goes for the literary world. try being self-published at the party where - heaven forfend - someone went to school to learn to put words on paper.