Jul 23, 2009

too many photograpers... part II

wow...I should really step back and have a beer or some shots before I post. Sorry.

In all honesty I have a friend that teaches photography at Yale, several friends that use large format and have darkrooms, and I know at least 3 fucktards that are super fun to hang out with.

I think those of you that read this blog know the type of douchebag I was referring to in my previous post.


Jack Nelson said...

Hehe, ain't the internet grand? I once sent off an email to someone that I thought was spamming me with many f-bombs in it. I forgot that it was a group email address that was being spammed and the message was bounced, so the the spammer never saw it but half a dozen close friends with more sensitive ears than me did.


And yeah I know exactly what kind of douchebag you were talking about.

jimmieknuckles said...

i am happy to say, that yes,
i am "that" guy

Andy Frazer said...

I should really step back and have a beer or some shots before I post.

I was going to suggest that you should really post before you have a beer or some shots :-)

Hey, I know how you feel. But look at it from their point of view. They've taken out a ton of student loans and invested five or six years of their life, only to find out that digital technology and the internet have democratized the art photography world to the point that they're just as insignificant as 95% of the people on Flickr (and I'm not limiting that to users with the exclusive $25 Flickr-Pro accounts).

And to rub it in even more, they see some guy from the backwoods of New York shooting with a beefed-up compact camera, and his prints blow away anything they've ever done, or even conceived of.

Man, I love photography... :-)

Chris S. said...

They beauty of photography is that the merit is in the results. You can have all the blah-blah in the world, and I've certainly read some pretentious rubbish, but for most of us we know when we see something we like. Today's pretentious rubbish becomes tomorrow's forgotten crap. Long live photo anarchy.

Joe Reifer said...

Here are some helpful quotes that a friend sent to me this afternoon regarding this very same topic:

“Overall the art world is bullshit.” - Eric Bogosian

“It’s one blow job after another.” - David Ross, Whitney Museum of Art

"I like the elitism of the art world. I think art for the people is a terrible idea."- John Waters

Actually, the context had something to do with the film Guest of Cindy Sherman.