Jul 3, 2009

60 second shadow boxing

"shadow boxing"

I was shadow boxing early in the day
figured i was ready for cassius clay.
i said fee fie foe fum, cassius clay here i come.
99,100,101,102 your ma won’t even recognize you
14,15,16,17,18,19, gonna knock him clean right out of his spleen!

- bob dylan ‘I Shall Be Free No.10’

note: fucking around with a single 60 second exposure. This one lined up perfect on only my second attempt!


jimmieknuckles said...

see, now it gets really fun, ten minute exposures, over eight frames, stacked two high, the first time i did this i almost hung myself because i somehow missed a quarter of a frame, and it was all doo doo butter after that

Aaron said...

that sounds ambitious jim!

sidenote... this was taken while fucking around and showing my new fancy apprentice from France an abandoned factory up here. He is here for a month and that will push me to be more productive. which is a good thing.

Chris S. said...

Cool. But why isn't it cinemascaped?

Aaron said...

Chris... I was shooting outside the (letter)box. ;)