Jun 29, 2009

they call it art.

my father was gallery hopping in NYC (specifically west chelsea) this past weekend and sent me this image of two older, but mint condition (other than the mild warping around the pole) cars wrapped around poles. I think the art is actually in how the hell this was done? Couldn't have been a car crusher because the bumpers would be crushed or smashed... it's cool nonetheless.

In an economy this battered, is someone actually dishing out $100,000 for these? Their great, but man that's a tough sell in this market right now. I can't imagine the costs just to ship these to the gallery?


jimmieknuckles said...

its easy my man, put someone in the drivers seat, sprinkle some crack on them, and set it loose somewhere around dc in rushour

Anonymous said...

I have been talking to gallery managers lately (in San Francisco) and I'm learning that the high priced art is still selling - its the cheaper stuff that is slumping. Perhaps its the same in NY?