May 21, 2009

useless poll of the week #7 results...

favorite photography:

portrait 1 (11%)
landscape 2 (22%)
night 2 (22%)
narrative 1 (11%)
deadpan 1 (11%)
candid 1 (11%)
documentary 0 (0%)
commercial 0 (0%)
other 1 (11%)

fairly diverse crowd. zero documentary or commercial fans and one unknown. If unknown is out there still, please do tell what your "other" is.

new poll is up.

1 comment:

azc said...

hey Aaron its the "other" from the favorite type of photography poll. i wish i could say that other is erotic nudes but at last its not, its surreal. love the work you are a real inspiration. i'm a huge fan and can't wait to see more from the femme vérité series.
spoiler alert: i picked "other" for desert too