May 20, 2009

what washed up on DUMBO's shores...

Well, it wasn't really me because I skipped the festival this year, but the above image was taken shortly after last year's event. This year I was busy spelunking in central New York Caves with my 4 year old, followed by raucous times at Chuck E. Cheese and the Binghamton Zoo.

But word on countless sites is that something foul washed up on shore near the festival. Poor printing (mandatory use of NYPH sponsor printer?), Unorganized events, and feral cats (rumors?)!

Below are links to a few wrap-ups. Be sure to check out the horrendous fuck up that Amy Stein had to hear about while on the road elsewhere. I would have lost my shit if that happened to my images.

I'm sure the NYPH folks (another blog pointed out the annoyance of the festival's initials already) have heard and read all these as well. So I wonder what will happen next year?

blogroll of a few wrap-ups...

Amy Stein
American PHOTO's blog
Horse's Think


Anonymous said...

1. NYPH: New York PHoto?

2. NYPH: New York Hestival?

3. NYPH: New York Power House?

Which one...?

Aaron said...

I wish I could find that blog post again... I forgot who it was that brought it up? But it needed to be, because it bugs the shit outta me.

jimmieknuckles said...

i just wanna make note, my car has been towed three times since that day

Aaron said...

@ knuckles
that fine was beyond ridiculous. you could have bought a print in some gallery for the same price!