Feb 27, 2009

Il Cinemasista al delle Eposizioni di Palazzo a Roma?

c-scapes of joy

Had an inquiry about exhibiting my work in the FotoGrafia International Festival of Rome. Apparently my work fits this year's theme...I chose a few of my images that might include "Declinations of Joy"?

from the website description (link)...
Declinations of Joy : visions and portrayals Within a framework of increasing openness to new forms of photographic expression, this year the most important exhibition of the Festival, curated by art director Marco Delogu will consist of a large collective exhibition presented through screenings and video-installations related to the theme of “Joy” expressed through photography.

Extremely divided between drama and glamour, photography often neglects the act of taking a photograph as a joyful one. Starting with this simple thought, all the “declinations of joy” emerge. This means reclaiming the pleasure of taking photographs as action and content, considering all of technology’s new developments, also because photography is an art in which the gap between those producing the art and those enjoying it is a smaller one. Images that question real needs, linked to personal experiences, to start all over again and return to observe the positive aspects of small daily battles as well as great global issues. These are images that do not fear what is beautiful, that question and investigate beauty without having to create it, but rather search for it and allow themselves to be surprised by it; images that bestow upon the complex and yet simple art of photography the role of an instant and eternal witness of the feelings and emotions of our lives.


abele said...

Hi Cinemascapista!
The post title should read: "Il Cinemascapista al Palazzo delle Esposizioni a Roma? Speriamo! (let's hope)".
And btw, I shot myself too (some times ago, at the beginning of this f@@cking war period): http://www.abelequaregna.com/temp/). Ciao!

Aaron said...

thanks for the speeling correction abele and I liked your series inspired by the f@#king war. ;)