Mar 2, 2009

Photocinema Festival bums me the fuck out...

6th march – 5th april 2009
200+ photographers, 20 venues, 4 weeks,.
Exhibitions, events, conference, master classes, portfolio reviews, talks, screenings, workshops and tours.

2009 Theme:

PHOTOCINEMA - from film still to still film the theme for FORMAT09 is positioned in the half-light between these two narrative and technical sensibilities, colliding - fact with fiction, historicism with fantasy, and reality with the cinematic. The festival contains the work of artists who extend the ‘still’ image in time through the use of photo-narrative sequencing, directed or documentary photography and moving image from single still to feature film.

I'm just going to pretend I made it all up and this festival isn't really happening. Depressing because I will not be able to attend. Depressing from a selfish standpoint that my work is not among that of the 200+ photographers in this genre? Just depressing all around...fuckin' lame, fuckin' discouraged yet fuckin' motivated, fuckity fuck fuckin' fuck.

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