Dec 30, 2008

1986 panoramic

"meeting in the middle". Cleveland was the dropoff location for my separated parents between Pittsburgh and Rochester. I was passed back and forth there like a UPS Package.

It's no wonder I have a fascination with narrative panoramic images as opposed to the traditional landscape use typically utilized by pano enthusiasts. This one is of me leaving my mother and her boyfriend to live with my father 200 miles away in Pittsburgh. A recent find while rummaging through my father's box of photographs over the holidays. On what should be a very sad occasion, I think the various expressions are interesting.

This shot was shot with a 35mm Widelux Panoramic Camera (link to buy one) as were all of his pano shots.

Also, gas was $1.02


jimmieknuckles said...

pretty dope,
i actually just got one of the horizon perfekts for christmas, im looking forward to having some fun with it.
please tell me you got the camera when rummaging around too

Aaron said...

those little russian pano's look lie fun. send me some pix when you develop'em.

The widelux is just sitting there, but other than toying around, I aien't got much use for it. Too many different exposure adjustments from left to right need to be done frame by frame in my work. You can see in his how disrupted the image got when it shifted from the lights on the gas station to the right a bit. And most of my images have even way more dramatic shifts in light than that.

For $9k or some shit they make film and digital ($12k+) pano cameras that will adjust the exposure as needed while it scans left to right, but the widelux isn't that smart. Great lens and super fluid movement for the price, but more evenly distributed lighting or artificial lighting.

I believe he used a full lighting setup for that reason when he used this camera for commercial work.