Dec 30, 2008

SPOT'D (12/30/08)

A few shots for today's selection. Apparently today's big thing on flickr is self portrait fisheye ornament reflections! Who knew? after I got through all of those I found a few faves for today...

I like the "shadow grab"...I love how "into it" she looks?! haha.

"shadow grab" by Rob Lee (link)

"Baby Bottles" by Nimssay which I find peculiar... (Link)

one other fave from the search today is superman poopin'...

"365 - Day 17" by Henrik Hansen (link)

EDIT: One more late addition. Everyone needs a pinup new year's party girl with some dizzying wallpaper/graphic photoshop background thingy!

"Self-Portrait" by Bitch Von Kicz (link)

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