Dec 29, 2008


SPOT'D - or Self Portrait Of The Day – Hoping to have more time on my hands in '09 (see previous post), I'm gonna start something new for the blog audience and try to pick a favorite self-portrait of the day from a "self portrait" search on flickr. They will always be images uploaded that day made possible because so many damn people have cameras and like picturing themselves.

Some days will have better results for my favorites than others... i.e. today's 19+ pages of results have been mildly boring with bit's of excitement and actually a tough call between a 2-3 favorites, plus a few unexpected giant closeups of vagina's thrown in just to jeep things interesting I suppose? The majority are gonna be bathroom mirrors straight on. The time of day will make a difference in the quantity as well, Flickr is very International. Lots o' time zones. I made today's choice before most folk get out of bed on the west coast.

first spot'd below...

edit: I'm way too lazy to attempt one a day. It'll be more like 1 a day for 4 days, then 2 days without, then 3 in a row with, and then 2 without, etc..., etc....

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