Nov 10, 2008

Lower East Side Opening

sink or swim © Aaron Hobson 2008

Time again for another opening. This one at one of the Lower East Side's newest and by far coolest galleries (see what Modern Art Obsession has to say about it). My solo exhibit runs through December 31 and the opening reception and after party is this Thursday (November 13th) at the Collette Blanchard Gallery. The after party is at an undisclosed swank location in the neighborhood that entails an "open bar" for those that asked for a black wristband at the opening. So be sure to stop by if you're in town.

More info and a few images on the gallery site (link here) as well...

From the Press Release:


cinemascapes - close quarter panoramics. open ended narratives.
November 13th - December 30th, 2008

Opening Reception Thursday November 13th, 6-8pm

Collette Blanchard Gallery is pleased to announce cinemascapes, an upcoming solo exhibition of Aaron Hobson's recent panoramic photographs. The ten photographs span the past three years of the artist's work and will be on view from November 13 through December 31, 2008.

Hobson's work is created by combining several sequential, vertical images, thereby offering more visual information and an obscured rendition of any moment depicted by a single image. These preserved moments straddle between the contexts of fictitious, universal and isolated autobiographical experiences. At times inspired by scenery near the artist's residence in the Adirondack mountains, the work contains narratives steeped in the everyday-from the machismo American cowboy to the disheveled Wall Street staffer. In a fashion comparable to that of feminist portraiture, Cindy Sherman comes to mind, the figure in the image is always the artist whose signified identity morphs through changes in attire and ever-changing elusory surroundings.

The nuanced details in the photographs are not forced, whether the interior of a '64 Mercury or a seemingly unconscious figure, and lack excessive or immediately shocking details. Rather, the restive energy that pervades the artist's work unexpectedly draws and subsequently arrests the viewer as the narrative unfolds exposing sensual, disturbing, and onerous undertones. The incredibly intricate and open-ended narratives are at once left to the interpretation of the viewer and restrained by details conveying the intentions of the artist; in the end, leaving the onlooker to ponder happenings within the frame incessantly.

The exhibition will be accompanied by accompanied by a 40 page hardbound catalogue. For more information or images, please contact the galllery at


Andy Frazer said...

Very nice writeup by Collette Blanchard. However, I would take your work over Cindy Sherman's work any day.

Andy Frazer

jimmieknuckles said...

" machismo American cowboy "

seriously man, youve got to let me handle your press

Aaron said...

hey thanks Andy.

haha knuckles! yeah, like I'd let you write handle my press! Perhaps you can physically handle them for me instead?

jimmieknuckles said...

yeah, can you imagine me ever saying " coming through, no pictures please, no pictures"

and while i might not be able to sell your work, i can sure as hell convince alot of people that its worth buying

Aaron said...

yeah, can you imagine me ever saying " coming through, no pictures please, no pictures"

while double fisting two Jack Daniels bottles...?

jimmieknuckles said...


ive got nothing

Steven said...
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Steven said...


Liz said...

congrats on the show.
thanks for keeping me updated.

-Liz Unterman