Nov 10, 2008

DUMBO Weddings

Luis and Lindsey 2008

It was a great weekend had by all down in the Big Apple. Wife did some shopping at the amazing (her word, not mine) Century 21 clothing store in Brooklyn. More designer clothes at discount prices than you could shake a stick at. I would suggest they install a bar for the women's significant others to kill time at though. I know I would have bellied up for quite a while. I also got to spend a blood-pressure raising hour and a half looking for a parking spot in Bay Ridge on top of that. Then we went over to the Gallery in the Lower East Side and finished last minute preparations for my opening this Thursday (official blog invite coming shortly).

Lastly, the entire purpose of the trip, was an amazing rip roaring good time at Luis and Lindsey's wedding. I brought the camera along because it was requested that I create a cinemascape of sorts for the happy couple. Who thinks of me and my work when they want a happy reminder of their wedding night? Bizarre people, that's who. hahaha! I didn't want it to be too disturbing, so we just did a reenactment of an old Fairy Tale with a modern DUMBO flavored twist. Hopefully when they return to their home in Mexico this week after a honeymoon in Manhattan, they will be delighted with the outcome.


Luis Montemayor said...

Im sure they'll love it!

Lindsey said...

We DO love it! It's incredible. It's probably the only wedding picture we'll actually hang on a wall; well, that and the one my photog nabbed of me in my skivvies tryng to buckle up my corset. ;)

Thanks for coming, and lugging your equipment, and thank your wife for bringing me a napkin to stand on during the shoot. We were honored to have you both (and to pose for you).

Aaron said...

heya lindsey...

it was a great time. the wedding was so much fun and so was seeing you and Luis again. Someday we shall visit you two in Mexico I promise.