Nov 7, 2008

Brooklyn Bound...

"junk" © the Fleshy Limbless Spectacle aka Trece

Signing off for the weekend. Off to a Tex-Mex wedding in Brooklyn. The above portrait of myself morphed with my worst nightmares and prior delinquencies as a youth was done by the Groom. He has his own stockpile of images of nuts, bolts, bugs, rusty nails, etc... and he makes portraits that tell a little background story about his subjects. I haven't seen him since he moved to Mexico over a year ago...I'm sure to be hungover all of next week.

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Lindsey said...

Again... so glad you came. And I still think this is one of Luis' best portraits. A creative match made in heaven, or something. It just works. And yours of him has equal breadth and narrative power. Should we send a thank you note to Flickr?