Nov 17, 2008


This girl was extremely friendly. She let me come as close as both she and I felt comfortable. Although I can imagine that I would have been the first to feel uncomfortable and back off, because even though she was young and smallish for a moose, she was still 6+ feet at the shoulders. I really really wanted to just pet her, but also didn't want to be trampled to death, so I took the photo and let her be.

Speaking of judgement... There are 5 new moose to the area including this girl, 2 other females, a calf, and a male bull. The image below is from the front of our village newspaper. This idiot was trying to pet the moose from the back of her horse. I was certainly hoping for a darwin award candidate, while at the same time hoping the horse would be unharmed by it's owner's poor decision.

f#@!ing moron!


jimmieknuckles said...

with as close as the two of those animals are,
id even question the intelligence of the horse.

Emily said... the moose-scape dude. frickin' amazing.