Oct 26, 2008

a new season begins...

"callin' it a day"

I haven't shared many new images this season, but I thought I'd share the last one for the season. Appropriately titled "callin' it a day". We had 2" of snow a few days ago and it's only a matter of time before it sticks and starts accumulating for the long 6 month winter season. So this is the last shot without snow for quite a while.

It was a pain in the ass getting this shot too. Without an assistant to look at my positioning I had to perfectly align my head to block the sun. With my head an inch or two in either direction, the image ends up about 5 stops overexposed with extreme solar flare. Which goes against my whole philosophy of 5-6 shots and done. No dilly dallying, no thinking too much about the shot, etc... So after 15 minutes of trial and error, I finally got a keeper for the middle frame.


Andy Frazer said...


Very nice shot. But don't let the snow slow you down*. I love your Winter series from your book.


* Easy for me to say, we don't get snow where I live :-)

jimmieknuckles said...


not one, but two creepy shacks right next to eachother, youre a lucky fellow.

i think god smites you with the winter season, cause he knows how much enjoyment you get in the fall

Steven said...

Your brain is all aglow with creativity. As it should be. A cooling off period... for reflection and more brilliance later.

Of course we all know you love to get out there in the snow, so can't wait to see some winter shots.