Sep 2, 2008

People's Choice Awards...

So Blurb has announced a People's choice awards for the 1,754 books in the competition. I'd ask you to vote for mine and link you to it, but I couldn't even find it in all the pages of entries. Plus, it's silly to ask you to vote for a book, when you only see 10 preview pages on your CPU screen.

It's an interesting last minute (very last minute) idea and I wonder what the prize is?

Photography Now People's Choice Awards.


Anonymous said...

...under the search option in the top right, just type in aaron hobson and go...c-scapes "the book" comes up...directly under the preview pic of the cover, there is a graphic you can click on to cast your do have to be logged in though...


Aaron said...

thanks james.

and somebody had a good comment on their blog saying that they would bet the winner might come from the first 5 pages because no one will flip through ALL of the entries.

A randomizer would be a good idea.

But I think the winner will come from the photographer with the biggest blog following that asks his readers to vote for him.

Otherwise I could see 200 people tied with 4 votes a piece and 600 people tied with 3 votes a piece and then 954 people tied with 1 vote.

Mike said...

Hey Aaron,

The idea isn't that this will be an academic review of everyone's work - that's up to the judges, and there are several awards for that, which we'll announce next week. This is just a fun way to give people a chance to vote for their favorite, and yes it's based on the preview feature.

So, not perfect - but fun, and very last-minute indeed. We had so much excitement that we wanted to see what we could do to build on that and help people get involved.

Good luck, and hope to meet you in person at one of the events this fall man.


Aaron said...

Haha! How did I know you were going to chime in mike? you're everywhere. A marketing machine you are!

I agree that it is a "fun" idea and I wish I could attend an event. Unfortunately, I'll be on the west coast in LA for my opening a week prior to the events and won't have the time or expenses to extend that stay on the left coast for an extra week.

thanks for popping in as always.


jimmieknuckles said...

this is one of those times that people must rely upon the wisdom of fools,

and just let it happen...


guess ill go eat worms