Sep 4, 2008

Fire from on High!


VP Nominee Sarah Palin's rhetoric last night was so uplifting and powerful that I devoted this image and these lyrics to her! Abstinence, Creationism, Aerial Wolf hunting... look at all these things she's shown us that I've been missing out on and need to start instilling in my son Hugo.

Are you ready for that great atomic power?
Will you rise and meet your saviour in the end?
Will you shout or will you cry when the fire comes from on high?
Are you ready for that great atomic power?
Let's take it home to Jesus

"atomic power" by Uncle Tupelo
(note: I love "Southern Culture on the skids" version of this song the best)


jimmieknuckles said...

great candidates,
a dead black guy, or a near dead white guy

two party system is inherently flawed, especially when you add god to the mix

my lyric suggestion
"Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick
Get's the fuck out after you're done
And I hops in my ride to make a quick run... "

today i blame in on my rat dieing

Aaron said...

now now mr. knuckles... that's not very christian of you.

jimmieknuckles said...

christians are like old friends that look you up when theyre in town,

they cost alot,talk too much, and overstay their welcome

plus, really my rat did die, so im hating on dudes today, and what better to hate on than a republican

Anonymous said...

...nice work Aaron...inspiration from Uncle Tupelo and Ms. Palin...since I'm a die hard UT fan myself (Palin not so much) sick over the "dollar sign smiles" plastered across my one channel during this joke of a convention, here's my two cents...

"'Cause there's one too many faces with dollar sign smiles
Got to find the shortest path to the bar for a while

A long way from happiness
In a three-hour-away town
Whiskey bottle over Jesus
Not forever, just for now
Not forever, just for now"
-Whiskey Bottle the way, favorite UT lyrics...toss up between "Flatness" and "Gun"...dig the movement created by your blurred self in "stockpile"...great name the dark atmosphere and empty hay wagon and pile of "old machinery" surrounding you and the barn...really got me with this one...

Jimmie...sorry about the rat man...he would want you to hate on


jimmieknuckles said...

it'll pass, most likely tomorrow , I'll have moved on to hating public transport or something equally as ridiculous. I like to keep it fresh . But I must say, I don't think my little friend was very fond of republicans. Thank you for the kind words.

Andreas said...

Two party system or not, insanity is everywhere in election times and in between. Here in Austria we'll have general elections on September 28th, and all the politicians do is giving in to populism. God is not as much of a topic around here, but, boy, do they trample around on foreigners, namely the very same people upon whom our economy and our social system are built. Everybody likes the fact that they do work that nobody likes to do, but let them into our country? Oh no! Hypocrits and idiots, and this time we'll have the choice between nine parties :)

It's everywhere, and the media love it. Politics today is a show, set up to entertain the masses. decisions are made elsewhere.

Steven said...

SCOTS version IS pretty good. Love this image, too, man.

politics... I was over it 8 months ago. Now, I'm just numb.