Sep 8, 2008

cinemascapist vs. los angeles

HEADLINES: the cinemascapist caught leaving brittany's after all night bender at LA's most exclusive hotspots!

Plane leaves this week for LA and my show opens Saturday night. Going from a small town of 3,600 people on roughly 3 miles of land, to a city of 9 million + on 1,667 square miles of pavement is going to be a small shift for our brains (the wife and I) to comprehend.

So I encourage all left coast citizens to come out and see the spectacle of the mountain man and his wife hitting the town (and see some nice pictures I took as well). I've got a new plush robe and fuzzy pajama bottoms for the opening, just doing some last minute shopping for slippers and trying to find a clean shirt.

exhibit info here.

p.s. you know you love my photoshop skillz! you probably even thought that photo was fir schizzle.?!?!? or something like that?


pjoyce said...

Good luck with the show Aaron. I hope it goes well and you get some great feedback and some good contacts.

I'd love to see your work in print someday and maybe one day it will reach mainland Europe.

jimmieknuckles said...

word my duder, left coast happenings,
and we know that shit is fake cause we know you wouldnt be rolling with some dirty clap having pop bitches

luck to you my friend. they will tear down the walls when your show sells out

Aaron said...

thanks ya'll.

pjoyce...I'll be hitting the mainland soon with a show I hope. Possibly even sooner and permanently if the November elections go the way of you know who. I hear belgium or the netherlands are a nice place to live?

And I've no comment about "rolling with some clap having pop bitches" for Mr. Knuckles.

Anonymous said... travels Aaron...look forward to an update on the blog from the road about the show, the "left coast", and the journey itself as time allows...


Steven said...

Eh, what's the latest? How'd it go?