Sep 1, 2008

Why I shouldn't watch Fox News

Occasionally I tune into Fox News just to make my blood boil, much to my wife's chagrin. So with that said, last night as I lay awake in bed trying to fall asleep around 2am I tuned into Fox News. I tuned in to the lovely [clears throat]...errr, I mean insanely insensitive [insert c-word here] anchor named Julie Banderas who was anchoring the late night live coverage of Gustav's Approach on the Gulf Coast.

They had live remotes going on in various locations in the region and one of those included a live view of Lake Pontchartrain. Normally a tranquil, smooth as glass lake, Pontchartrain was now brewing with 3 foot waves crashing over it's shores. At one point in the lull (who would guess that during a 24 hour news network there would be a lull?), she actually had the audacity to ask to go back to that live coverage at Pontchartrain because viewer's were "psyched by the excitement that was growing there".

Let me repeat she thought it was great that viewers were "psyched by the excitement that was growing there".

As if somewhere in the world a small group of folk (from the nearly 2 million evacuees) were sitting around a TV set in a Red Cross Shelter with bean dip and nachos high fiving each other in anticipation of what will happen next? What the fuck?

I believe Americans love to see sensationalism and tragedy, I don't understand it, but I believe there is a population that does. But to make a completely fucking insenstive comment like that on a reputable national news station [chokes on cigarette] is just flat out fucked up.

Anyway... I'll get back on track to photography discussion soon after I catch up on emails and work that I missed over the long U.S. holiday weekend. But for now, I've got to go tune into the O'Reilly Factor.


jimmieknuckles said...

maybe osama was in it for the ratings man, scheming with network news

Anonymous said...

Jill doesn't even let me watch the news anymore...I end up being such a raging jerk afterward, ranting out loud to myself and driving her nuts.

Another genius from Fox recently pointed out how brilliant potential VP Palin will be at handling foreign relations, and I quote, because she lives right next door to Russia...and he wasn't joking...%&$%#!


Andy Frazer said...

I have to share a funny joke by Craig Ferguson ("The Late, Late Show") from a few months ago. He had been invited to speak at the White House Press Corps Dinner in Washington, D.C. He said, "This is really a big deal. Everyone who works for the President is going to be there: Dick Cheney will be there... Condoleza Rice will be there... Fox News will be there...."

I still crack up when I hear that one.