Sep 23, 2008

New Site...

So it turns out some people are dumb. Others are even dumber. And knowing when to adjust your website to accommodate for dumbness is important. A few birdies have told me about a couple small issues with navigation on my website. Monitor resolution and size seem to be the biggest culprit for these issues. Of course a full blown flash site with a page that automatically adjusts to size using it's high-tech brain will work. But I have no time to hire someone and plus I want complete control to update as often as I like.

So I've gone to an extremely basic html site. No frills except for the imagery. Simple and straightforward navigation, so even that community college student working on the oldest of CPU's in the lab, using the lowest resolution setting can handle and experience my site. Hopefully those of you with the newest and greatest java processing, flash pumping, megaram handling computers will not scream bloody murder for my lack of "pizazz". And if you do, I could give half a shit. So there.

That's all folks... oh, and there should be a cool post coming soon. I'm interviewing (aka shooting the shit) a great "new" photographer who's work I just discovered and adore and will be posting the outcome in the next day or two.


Mehdi said...

not sure why but the links on your web page don't work on a safari on mac os 10.5.5. on the same computer they work fine on the latest firefox. understand the annoyances of compatibility - my own site hasn't been updated in a bit for the dread of compatibility! (

Aaron said...

thanks for the feedback mehdi!

I believe I fixed it now. I had to take my computer up on the roof and throw it 30ft. to the concrete below to fix the html code, but it works now.

I despise web design! despise despise despise!

jimmieknuckles said...

i fear change.

so the "journalist" hobson pops up again.
i do enjoy when you branch out.

im off to do interweb searches to figure out who the "new" photographer is hmmmm

Anonymous said... the new layout Aaron...great action in the new c-scape from the "Even Darker" season #2 series...has a similar feel to an earlier shot you did from Pittsburg with an old friend on top of this rolling concrete landscape covered in amazing graffiti...

...have you ever considered including the titles with your c-scapes?...I thought I remembered at one point titles would pop up if you hovered over them...just curious...


Aaron said...

yes James I know the image you speak of in p-burgh. Very similar locations. The LA river is just a tad bigger. :)

And I've put the titles in just for you! hahah!

Seriously though, I forgot I could do that now in this new format. It will make things much easier. On the old site when I had an inquiry, it was usually... "tell me about series 2, image 5 from the left." That was a pain in the ass.

Miguel Garcia-Guzman said...

Hi Aaron,

Cool site. With your great images you don't need the annoying flash to keep the attention ... I like it a lot. Simple, clean and easy to navigate ... and for pizza you have you nice self-portrait with the bare essentials :-)

Best regards,