Sep 26, 2008


Game of Go, 2002 © David Hilliard

I'm off for a nice relaxing weekend in Woodstock, NY. I'm attending a photo lecture series at the Center for Photography with David Hilliard. A small group size of 12 people and David all weekend. We'll be shooting, reviewing, critiquing and listening. I look forward to meeting with David, because for over a year he has been extremely helpful and full of wonderful advice for me and my career as it has swiftly snowballed. I'll be sure to report on the seminar and possibly post a pic or two as well.

and stay tuned for that piece of gonzo journalism I mentioned in the last post sometime early next week.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

umm. Ok Hugo. Did grampa make you say that?

(apparently while on vacation in woodstock, my 4 year old son hijacked the comments with those 2 very relevant remarks.)

jimmieknuckles said...

has the lad developed a stutter?
its good to see him in action posting, im sure hes off to youtube now

Aaron said...

that's some funny shit knuckles. I would have had milk coming out my nose if I was drinking some.

But I was trying to analyze it too, and he's preoccupied with the central area of the keyboard it seems...most of those letters are all in the middle section. I like the bit about 46eys in the second line of the first comment. It's like he was saying to use all 46 eyes to see the real beauty of life? right?

jimmieknuckles said...

yeah man, or he was just wacked out on goofballs and some kool aid that was a little too strong

will we ever really know?