Sep 18, 2008

cinemascapist vs. los angeles (The Aftermath)

fighting for the worm with a strange girl

Apparently this California girl (don't remember her name) found out that we were running out of liquor and that the artist had first dibs on it, so we rassled for the last drop of alcohol... This is what to expect when you come to an opening for the cinemascapist. The mountain man and his mountain family entourage tend to cause turmoil and put on an all new show within a show.

But all in all the show and trip were both a success. Did some deals, met some cool city folk, and managed to shoot a few hollywood style cinemascapes in between all that.
Below are some outtakes my brother captured during the trip. I'll try to caption them the best that I can, but some of them are new to me as I seem to have lost many portions of my memory from opening nigh

a view of the crowd from the bar up in the loft area of the gallery.

the cinemascapist lounging as the last few guests are departing.

Madame Cinemascapist kindly getting me up after the show ends.

trying to figure out how or why (at 3am) my brother was trying to break in through our motel room window after the show.

arguing with a film crew that the cinemascapist work is way more important than whatever crappy B movie they were producing.

deciding on a narrative for a scene in the LA River.

and lastly an outtake from a portrait titled "the bare essentials of the cinemascapist" by my LA friend Susan "Smalldogs" Sabo.


Andy Frazer said...

Looks like it was a very productive trip. I wish I could have made it down there, but San Jose and Los Angeles are not as close together as many people believe :-(

I like your wife's new title; "Mrs. Cinemascapist"!

Andy Frazer

susan sabo said...

ha, jason did a fabulous job of capturing the behind the scenes moments (especially like my ass shot in baggy pajamas). it was great hanging with you guys.

jimmieknuckles said...

well it looks like you didnt waste any time,
i mean, you even made great use of ther opening by wrestling drunk, and making out,
score on both ends.

also, i cant help but think of alison jackson when i see that picture of you at the motel window.

looks like you had an action packed weekend my duder

is it back to the real world so soon?

Anonymous said...

...welcome back to the mountains Aaron...sounds like quite a journey and well documented...keep it cranking man...