Aug 28, 2008

Another Quote...

very very early, and very wide cinemascape taken in the neighborhood I grew up in. The downtown Pittsburgh skyline can be seen on the right hand side. Many o' forty oz. was drunk over that guardrail down in those woods. many many.

"I am always surprised at all the things people read into my photos, but it also amuse me. That may be because I have nothing specific in mind when I'm working. My intentions are neither feminist nor political. I try to put double or multible meanings into my photos, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations..."
- Cindy Sherman

I second that emotion. If the stories that she creates in her images are as instinctual and guttural as mine are, then it's true there is no real "official" underlying story going on. Many, many stories can be told. It's almost like improv, but with a lot more emotion and a different kind of thinking behind it.


jimmieknuckles said...

aaahhh fond memories of pookie and the drew,

skeet skeet skeet skeet

Aaron said...

pookie and ray-ray... but close. Drew though sounds like a white boy's name?

Doug Stockdale said...

Aaron, I just wrote a brief announcement about your drkrm gallery exhibit, which you can find here:

mos said...

oh I love this picture.