Jul 15, 2008

Exhibit Wallpapers

In this age of internet savvy folk, I've decided to expand the standard exhibition invite to include wallpapers. A kind of "save the date" type thing for upcoming shows.

The Los Angeles exhibit is just around the corner, so if you're in the LA area and want to come by and say hello, check out some bigass cinemascapes in color, get drunk and then run around LA with me and the wife after the show... you'll need this wallpaper to remember.

I just wish I knew someone who had screensaver coding ability. Then there could be a screensaver with rotating images too.

get your wallpaper today...
click here.


jimmieknuckles said...

im sure there is someone checking right now , to sii if thats a large enough file to print from

Aaron said...

haha! you're probably right.

but they will be dissappointed. the largest wallpaper at only 150dpi is a 12" image. Plus it was saved at a jpeg level of 9, so it aien't even gonna be sharp at 150dpi.

jimmieknuckles said...

so youre saying that im wasting my time then eh?

fuck sake man,
i cant get a break today

cee3 said...

fuck yeah.
i'm stoked you're showing in l.a.