Jul 13, 2008

Book Inspiration...

"untitled as of 07/13/08"

I've mentioned in earlier posts (price of tea in china) that some of my images are inspired by music, a real good example is "gatemouth". Probably the most obscure title of all the images in my series, it is named after Clarence Gatemouth Brown (and this song in particular). A man I was able to see several times live before his death, and probably developed a lot of my fashion sense from him.

Most recently while camping this past week with family, I got a new book from my brother "The Road", written by Cormac McCarthy author of "No Country for Old Men". This book tells the story of a father and son traveling south away from the cannibals and bizarre ash-like snow storms ravaging a post apocalyptic north country. Following back country roads to stay safe it really reminded me of my current home. It also brought back memories of one of my favorite books of all time "Parable of the Sower" by the late Octavia Butler. Same sort of story, but her's is more "real" and almost a current trend in America.

I would imagine that if either of these books were to be brought to life in the form of a Motion Picture, the Adirondacks would be a damn good starting point for location scouting. I'd volunteer to shoot all the post apocalyptic combined with scenic locations that our part of the country delivers.

Below is an image of the man (my brother all the way in from Seattle) and I during one of our many late night drinking sessions. This one unfortunately ended up in the misplacement of a life-size 300lb concrete deer lawn statue into the lake in front our cabin, which
we oh so happily retrieved the next morning when several family members voice their concern for the deer. I'm quite sure this image is not one of my finest stitch jobs, but I'm just happy I didn't trip and fall over the tripod and break my camera as drunk as I was.


oh, and one more image from my pops of my huge catch of this beautiful speckled trout (click for larger). Flyfishing in a 7' long solo canoe for 3 hours that night and this is all I caught.

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jimmieknuckles said...

even if i were given the length of time you were on vacation, i dont think i could have come up with (imagined) the random series of events and persons youve mentioned in this single entry.
i suppose sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
oh what a wonderful live we live my duder,
i hope the time treated you well