Jul 17, 2008

Overcoming your fears...


Claire Colvin from
The Life says that to overcome fears you should seek Jesus or "...If you do not have a spiritual life or faith consider talking to a pastor or read the Bible.

To which I say... "enh!". My advice is grab a camera. Go out to a public bar and order a beer and a shot. Step outside (if possible), set up your tripod quickly, then inconspicuously remove your shirt and shoes, walk into the frame with only with your pajama bottoms on. take a picture and then split.

p.s. don't forget to tip


jimmieknuckles said...

so the question remains( spoken or not),

Aaron said...

"walk into the frame with only with your pajama bottoms on."

Steven said...

"Can you describe the jammies, sir?"

"I don't know - they were jammies! They had Yodas 'n' shit on 'em!"

Aaron said...

@ steven: Haha! A friend of mine had to explain to me the reference from "raising arizona"...and then I remembered the scene!

CF said...

I love how everyone is so studiously avoiding looking at or making eye contact with you.