May 10, 2008

weekend fun...

so I'm spending my weekend in New Jersey. So far I have gotten in a little golf, a light workout, and finished a novel I've been working on. New Jersey is more relaxing a place than you might think.

But seriously these are a few test shots for a new project (medianscapes) I am thinking about doing this summer.

"golf median" (click image to widen)

"workout median" (click image to widen)

"light reading median" (click image to widen)

update: in regards to the post about the NJDOT and not getting a permit, it was amazing to see what a simple $2 orange safety vest from Dick's Sporting Goods can do. We apparently made ourselves look bonafide and real official. Not a single incident with the law.

1 comment:

jimmieknuckles said...

a true man of leisure.

vests are official son, unless theyre sweaters.