May 12, 2008

NJ - even darker...

Even though Princeton was quite lovely and the sushi was good...Trenton, NJ brought out inspiration for some darker cinemascapes.

"crypts and blood" (click image to widen)

"please deposit 25¢" (click to widen)


jimmieknuckles said...

aahhh i do love the titles,
and trenton, pretty much, is all about silhouettes,booze, and things that go bump in the night. well done sir

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron...the medianscapes project idea is damn brilliant. I travel pretty much constantly and see a lot of medians but have given them little thought...these small strips of weeds and grass and sometimes trees, etc. trapped between speeding SUVs and pavement say a lot about how I often feel as a traveler...I guess for me they represent a feeling of being trapped "en route" to places I would rather not be going to...that, at least, was my immediate reaction to your test shots...I couldn't be more into seeing this project play out...dig how you are exploring the different ways of using your style of shooting.

Also...NJ even the use of headlights and front lighting in general to create a sense of tension and mystery and discomfort. This set continues to disturb and fascinate me in the best of ways.


Aaron said...

Thanks James.

For me the cinemascapes came about from a buttload of trips to NYC in preparation for my first exhibit last year. I must have made 12 trips in 3 months.

As you know we live in a giant playpark of 6 million acres, and once you get within 60 miles of NYC all that grass/greenery starts to fade. I kind of looked at the medians as security or a "safe zone". They made me not miss the park so much and made the concrete jungle seem more tolerable.

From there, I though I might as well shoot these things.

Thanks for the comments and let's shoot again sometime this summer.