May 14, 2008

Stills of making stills...

smokin' a butt setting up one of the frames (click image to biggen)

eyeballin' it (click image to biggen)

Here are a few stills from the medianscape shoot and a nice double exposure of a cinemascape from an different perspective of me in the shot and behind the camera. These are courtesy of my right hand man Jimmie "NJ" knuckles.

Notice the lovely use of the trailblazer orange vest for safety and to fool the law into thinking we were out there on official business. I think we need a 3rd safety person, cause if Jimmie was shooting me and I was shooting the scene, who was watching out for rogue SUV's on a collision course for our median?

very cool double exposure pano (click image to biggen)


Anonymous said...

I was watching... at least for part of it.

jimmieknuckles said...

official (chest pound) ,
the vest can watch my back while i watch yours. never not smoking.

Aaron said...

sorry gadget... you are absolutely correct. You had our backs for most of the shooting. (damn brain cells and lack of short and long term memory).