May 5, 2008

"I'm a long gone Daddy in the U.S.A." - The Boss

A conversation with the New Jersey DOT in regards to me trying to acquire a permit to photograph on their highway medians this year for a new series that is nearly in the works (tentatively dubbed "medianscapes - Lady Bird Johnson project"). This call was placed to the special permits division of the NJDOT:

ME: Hi, yes I'm calling to acquire a permit to take a series of photographs over the course of 4 months that involve myself and an assistant utilizing various highway medians throughout the state of New Jersey.

NJDOT: Um, yeah.

ME: well what sort of permits do you have for that?

NJ DOT: just park your car and take the photograph. you get get caught?

ME: Ummm, so you don't have a permit for that type of work?

NJDOT: we can send a safety crew with all kinds of trucks and signs to protect you. You know, with a "Man at Work" sign accompanying you.

ME: (I'm thinking that last one was a smartass response) Ok, so if I do get caught what's the fine or will they confiscate my camera or something?

NJDOT: nah, the officer will probably just tell you to move along.

So... the new gameplan: camera on and already. tripod setup. location pre-scouted. Park car. Get on median. Shoot picture. Run.


jimmieknuckles said...

so this means youre bringing the hash then?
cause without it, theres no reason to run

Aaron said...

That is true Jim...but I'm thinking we just get those orange reflective vests, spray paint my tripod yellow and pretend we're surveyors.