May 15, 2008


"East 4th St. meets Avenue A"

The missus and I are headed to NYC in the morning. Leaving behind 2 dogs, 3 cats, a 13 year old, and a 3 year old. But don't worry, they'll be OK.

We're off to check out the NY Photo Festival and NY Photo Awards (where somehow my name got on the list). Living in a year round winter wonderland with only 3,000 neighbors, I don't get out to network or as I like to say get drunk with new people very often. I'm looking forward to some culture and lots and lots of photographs.

If you plan on attending stop me and say hello. I'll be the one sporting the dirty cowboy hat and scraggly beard.


jimmieknuckles said...

i think maybe the little one is a bit young to be left taking care of so many animals.
with the hobbson in the big city, and a scraggly beard, i might just have to make an appearance

Aaron said...

sa da tay my damie! sa da tay!