May 15, 2008

Jeremy Eaton

ATTACK, INJURY, DISGUISE “This sextet of self-portraits, spanning a range of some eighteen years, features images focusing on avoidance of personal appearance, through purposeful disguise and accidental mutilation of face. Having a lifelong adverse relationship to the camera’s eye, one stemming from clinical depression and its wicked talent for twisting visual perception, I have found a certain solace and comfort in capturing myself during these moments, when the appearance I imagine, and mistrust, is either bruised, camouflaged, swollen, blurred, or battered.” – Jeremy W. Eaton

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When I started this blog a week or two ago, I asked my friend Jeremy Eaton if he would like to contribute. I knew his mastery is Illustration, but I knew that he has dabbled in photography. It took him a while to rummage through his files, but he came back with a very cool contribution. The intro/statement to the series is moving and really prepares the viewer for the images and I think they would be just as strong without the words too.

you can check out his magnificent illustrations here
and his brand spankin' new blog here

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