May 2, 2008

Gonzo Self Portraits

Self Portrait, After Beating by Hell's Angels (photo © M+B Los Angeles)

From the M+B Gallery press release:

M+B gallery and AMMO Books are pleased to present GONZO, the debut exhibition of photography by famed American author Hunter S. Thompson. The exhibition coincides with the release of Thompson's final book, of the same name, and chronicles his life through his own photographs and memorabilia.

GONZO began as a personal collaboration with Thompson prior to his untimely death, and has since come to completion with the support of his family and estate. The show will feature many never before seen photographs from Thompson's personal archive, including shots from his early days as a foreign correspondent in Puerto Rico, living in Big Sur in the 1960s, time on the road with the Hell's Angels, illuminating self-portraits, and many personal moments with friends and family throughout the years.

I found a lot of the images interesting, especially the Hell's Angels images (being an ex-harley hybrid biker). It was icing on the cake to see several SP's sprinkled in as well.

more images here.

Self Portrait, In White Whale, Las Vegas (photo © M+B Los Angeles)

Self Portrait, Plumas County Fair ((photo © M+B Los Angeles)

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