May 2, 2008


digging for something in particular, I stumbled upon something else.

this is probably the image in which I discovered my own style or thought I might be on to something. I think it was my first pano that involved subjects and narrative (albeit a reenactment). I've refined the size since then, I believe this was 8 images wide! Now they are between 4-5. Still fun to look back at these early stages.

(re)creation, circa 2007 - click image to view wider

p.s. Enjoy the weekend!


jimmieknuckles said...

hmmmm did by any chance, the style come to you around the same time the mustache did?
coincidence? i think not

Anonymous said...

I remember stumbling across this one on Flickr back in the day Aaron...the reenactment aside, which I found cool enough, it was the "curve" at the lower left and top right--the warped water/bit o landscape under the bridge and mountains/sky above the road respectively--that framed the narrative and, looking back, your style for me.

My own imagination always feels tormented (in the best possible sense) somehow by your narratives when framed perfectly by bending and twisting edges/objects.


Aaron said...

@ Mr.Knuckles: it's all about the facial hair... Which now, because of my trusty Pittsburgh Penguins extended playoff run, is getting ridiculously haphazard. I'm Too superstitious to shave or even trim.

@ James: Funny thing now that you mention the sky in the topright is that they (sky/mountains topleft & topright) are not real. As in, they were brought in from another image. I think the sky was bland that day and I was experimenting. Since I am exploring composites again, I think it's funny how things come full circle.