Apr 30, 2008

go big or go home...

test shot with 8 frames

Testing out some new techniques for a new project that is still in it's planning stage. The above image is a composite of 8 photographs. 4 vertical left to right and then panned up with 4 more left to right. Of course I would like to keep my horizontal style, so they will actually end up being 7 or 8 left to right with a double decker (16 frames). With each frame coming from (if funding goes well) a 15mp camera, so you can imagine how easily a 5' x 8' print can be made.

I love viewing photographs at these extra large sizes and the ability to walk up close and inspect the image for quite a while. Utilizing 16 different frames to my advantage can also add the benefit of an amazing amount of detail.
I look forward to a road trip to the Garden State in a few weeks to test out the locations I have in mind. I'm still working on planning and reaching out for funding for all the travel and expenses this project will require. It will be quite different than "cinemascapes" in that respect. Cinemascapes were born and raised locally with minimal (if any at all) travel.

click image below to see how much of the image one standard 18mm frame contains


Steven said...

That's awesome. I'm talking to a local pre-press guy about print a sample of my homemade lens images that I've up-sampled via Genuine Fractals. I'm hoping I can get close to something in the 48" range. If the quality doesn't work, I was thinking of a giant stitch job like this -- but that's hard with the ol' digital pinhole.

The images look good Aaron... stitchin' yo'self some art, brutha!

Aaron said...

Hey Steven,

I imagine stitching pinhole images would be insanely time consuming and challenging...not impossible, but nothing I would want to tackle!

I've always dug the contraptions you build and the resulting images.

- AA

Bryan said...

Really like your ideas and the whole concept of this blog. I'll definitely be following your work.


Aaron said...

Thanks Bryan, glad you enjoy!

Steven said...

Thanks Aaron... still looking for my voice. There's some Mellencamp song that says something to the effect of "once I figure out just what that is, you can bet I'm going to give it Hell."

Steven said...

BTW, I'm glad you're bloggin' man. Really enjoying seeing your work.