Sep 28, 2009

New website design...better viewing pleasure...

Spring cleaning comes late around these here parts. I got around to redesigning my website. A few items that I wanted to adjust were:

a) clutter
b) photos were too small
c) cleaner photo viewing

I believe I managed to do this with the new look. I did away with the mini-series titles as I believe all of the cinemascapes are part of one continuous vision for a cohesive body of work. Rather than segregate them by narrative, I have set them apart by year of creation.

The new structure also allows for a few extra shots in each of the sections, some of which you may have already seen, some of which you have not. The images are now 1000 pixels wide, so if your monitor is set to only 1024 x 768 you may not be able to view as cleanly as you could with higher resolution, but that's a decision I made for better viewing these panoramics on computer screens. Simple navigation (for those that frequent photo sites) that allows for clicking on the right side of image to advance and left side to go back. Click anywhere off image (or close button) and go back to main site.

2009 aien't over yet and 2010 has much more in store.


Paul said...

The new website looks very nice, clean and the images look great in the larger size.

Now that the main site is out of the way, does this mean we will get to see images of how the Barkeater Workshop attendees got on? :-)


ESfishdoc said...

WOW... I have a 24" monitor and it's like seeing most of these for the first time. Great Improvement!!!

Bronwen Hyde said...

love the new design. nice to see the images larger, though i miss the full screen size they used to be when i first saw your work.

love seeing some old favourites and some new ones, including femme verite images i'd not seen before.