Aug 28, 2009

"photos that will leave your mouth open"

That is the rough translation on this cover that reads "las fotos que te dejaran con la boca abierta"...

And would you believe they are partly talking about my skinny ass, not Pilar Rubio's (the model)! I wouldn't! ha. That teaser is for an article inside with a few of my photos. The article description on their site is... "We show the most exciting, artistic and impressive snapshots to you; winners, all of them, of the best contests of the world." (view issue details in Spanish here - link)

I'm awaiting my copy via mail to scan the full article. If you're in Spain or a big city with a vast selection of international magazines, go ahead and grab a copy. I imagine there are some great shots in the article from the other photographers. I'm excited to see who else they included.

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susan said...

did you ever get a copy? I didn't :/