Aug 30, 2009

dreams of the End Days

self #1 © cinemascapist 2009

abby #1 © cinemascapist 2009

dad #1 © cinemascapist 2009

Cinema, TV, radio, school... just a few of the places that probably influence our apocalyptic dreams. I'm not sure how yours go down, but mine are typically pulse raising scenarios where the end of life is moments away and I cannot find or get to my loved ones. All I am left with is flashes or glimpses of terrible scenes with friends, family, and loved ones in some situation all alone and no one there to comfort them, while I frantically search or try to get to them. It's not a favorite dream and it was rekindled recently after the news of a comet the size of the Pacific Ocean that collided with Jupiter and was completely undetected by our vast sattelite and radar systems. So I've decided to compile these flashes/glimpses of terror into a series titled "dreams of end days". I'm going to picture my real family, friends, pets, et al, no actors/models... and we'll see what this does to my dreams. I'm not one of those people that can recall many details of their dreams, mine are in fact quite hazy and mostly void of color, hence the black & white panoramics. Enjoy... that is if you can possibly enjoy apocalyptic visions without being depressed?


Lori said...

Beautiful work.

Jack Nelson said...

Nice work. My nightmares usually involve me trying to get somewhere and not being able to. Trying to run and barely moving. Either that or being in the USA and not being able to come back to Mexico.

jimmieknuckles said...

perhaps youre just a little too excited about "the road" coming out soon

Aaron said...

thanks Lori.

Jack... Dane Cook does a funny bit about a dream where he can't run but this giant crab wearing loafers or some shit can? I've had those too. Except for the mexican ordeal though.

Jimmie... totally forgot about that movie! I'm psyched it's coming out soon. I posted my excitement way back in august 08 in this post...thinking it was coming out in November 08, not November 09