Apr 3, 2009

yet another freakin' post...

facepalm... (my title, not their's)
Steven Meisel (I think?)

Way too much caffeine today, an empty nest as my son is in Philly for the weekend, and lack of sleep all combine to make 3 completely useless blogposts in one day, not including a total redesign of the blog.

Part of the redesign includes a weekly poll of anything that pops into my head. This week's involves Madonna's music. It's completely anonymous, so don't sweat it and I'll be the first to admit that being a child of the 80's, I would know the lyrics and probably sing along to any of her songs if they came on the radio. Granted I would make sure that I wasn't singing too loudly and that my windows were up if I were driving down main street, but I would sing along nonetheless. I do know I enjoyed thumbing through my father's copy of her book "sex" when I was 13. A really beautiful book in the format, the design and the photography. A must see or own if you haven't yet.

so cast a vote each week, because these will be very very important topics that I will really really need answers to!

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