Apr 8, 2009

self portrait: revealed

My lady (aka babe, wife, or brandy) has sent in a self portrait photo of sorts. Several photos in fact. A collage of revelation. By snapping up images of nooks, crannies, shelfs, closets and floors, she has revealed a dark underworld of clutter, or shall we say organized eclectic disorder??? And I swear if you visited our house it would not come across as dirty and disgusting, in fact it's quite charming and warm, but by shooting these with such direct light and tiling them all together like this, you just might never want to ever visit our house to see for yourself.

I have to say that these personal spaces do come across as more intimate than any self portrait of a single person posing.

1 comment:

Steven said...

Piles and stacks. I have piles and stacks, too.

I think it's an artist/creative thing.