Apr 8, 2009

polls now closed...

the results to the first random, stupid, and completely useless poll are in and the results are:

If a Madonna song was playing on the radio would you...

turn it up and sing along 6 (33%)

quickly change the station 2 (11%)

don't own a radio, so it would never happen 1 (5%)

depends on what song 9 (50%)

So the majority want to know which song first before they decide to sing along, followed by a large amount that would sing along to anything, 2 Madonna haters, and 1 luddite.

A new poll has been posted. so go rock the vote!

answer E) pet hamster

1 comment:

jimmieknuckles said...

yeah, ima be the luddite.
im just saying, when the machines rise, i dont think youll be laughing too much