Feb 7, 2009

Women's Frying Pan Toss Competition

left to right: The Official measuring wenches (this year's theme is Pirates for some reason), Myself obviously not giving a shit about fashion (I know everybody, so who cares), and a competitor in action.

I ventured on down for the biggest event of our winter carnival, the women's frying pan toss competition. I checked out the pan this year and noticed it was probably a custom made item for the occassion, weighed 15-20lbs and was 1/4" thick cast iron.

Winters are brutal up here and they last until May most years, so winter carnival is a great break from those mid-winter blues. A whole week of activities, drinking, parades, drinking, and ummm...drinking.


Emily said...

you sure know how to leave a lasting impression. At least your toque matches your pants.

Steven said...

Looks like a blast... makes me think that maybe we should do something like that in our neighborhood.

Nice jammies. Yodas and shit.

Aaron said...

@ em... right? I know. That's my 3rd jersey outfit. Vintage Penguin blue. Even my biker buddy behind me in the photo recognized my outfit.

@ steven... Yodas and Shit... I think you've made that comment before on my blog and I mentioned it to a buddy of mine that reads my blog as well. He couldn't believe that I didn't recognize the movie reference? And I totally forgot again what that reference is?

Steven said...

Probably have since it's about the only movie I can quote freely.

Raising Arizona

Anonymous said...

(Insert Colin voice)Yeah, By saying you don't give a shit about fashion and then wearing PJs to a public event says to me that you definitely care and are making some sort of "artist's statment"..HA...You are right about poossibly being a custom fry pan.. When we went to the Long lake Winter Carn, the fry pan they used there shattered from the cold! makes send to reinforce it with a lot of iron...and makes it safer for the spectators! Jesus, looks like people could be in the line of fire...Don't forget the chartruse this weekend, and what's this shit about you going on a shoot saturday??? We got some heaving drinking to do!!!!

Aaron said...

"artist statement" of suck on my PJ's.

yeah the setup was retarded. the opening where the competitors throw from should have been in the center, not along the left flank. Most girls were righty's too, so it typically shaked left towards the wench and the spectators. Dumb.

Shoot is early saturday...crack o' my ass dawn. I'll be back for the consumption of spirits...I'm in the loop man. Everybody gets the same.

jimmieknuckles said...

i think it would be a better statement if you refused to address them as pajamas