Feb 9, 2009

R.I.P. SPOT'D component...

"potatoes" 2006 © Flickr Username: barkeater

I'm giving up on the Self Portrait Of The Day (or SPOT'D) component for the blog. I was searching "self portrait" on flickr and looking for a favorite shot taken the same day as the post. It was tiresome and annoying that the majority of images I liked were all copyright protected and I was unable to use them on my blog. I tried sending them a flickrmail, but they never respond in time and the whole point anyway was to show images taken that very same day. So after resorting each time to my 5th, sometimes 7th or 8th choice, I just got sick of it and stopped.

Unfortunately, folks have apparently been jaded and freaked out by photo theft and/or plagiarism on flickr like nowhere else I've ever seen. Which sort of sucks for them because I was just going to share their work to my decently sized audience of non-flickr folk.

sidenote about the image: For you warm weather folk, this is how northerners protect certain types of plants from damage in severe cold. I'm just not sure why someone covered what appears to be a pine tree?

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